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Why choose Mobile Wedding Florist YEG?

Being asked to participate in a couple's special day is a privilege and an honour; you create a higher level of trust between you and your clients with the ability to provide more personalized service without being tied to a storefront. I have always been a creative person, whether it's paint, clay, cloth, cross stitch, paper, ribbon, fur, leather, bone.....if you can play with it - I'm in. I discovered flowers in 1993 and initially started working with artificial buds. I fell in love with flowers. I was fortunate enough to work for people that encouraged creativity and it wasn't long until I started building custom silk pieces for our customers. In 2000 I moved to Ottawa and started my own mobile wedding service when I realized making it to a Bridal consult during regular day time business hours can be challenging and meeting Brides in their own home puts them at ease with no interruptions from a busy store front. It also allows more of the bridal party to be involved. It was a success. Since moving to Edmonton and working with Brides through a traditional shop setting, I realized hard working Brides here would also benefit from this type of service. With Mobile Wedding Florist YEG you can enjoy your bridal flower consultation supported by friends, family or both if you choose.

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